Omnibus film (One Dream Rush) - 0'42 min.



42 is a deleted scene from ENTER THE VOID, starring Nathaniel Brown.






The world's most awarded vodka 42BELOW renown for doing things differently created a unique project, ONEDREAMRUSH 42Second Film Showcase (www.42below.com).
The quirky brand has managed to curate an online exhibition of 42-second short films by 42 of the world’s most innovative and respected filmmakers, under the banner of 42x42. This will be the first time that Cannes and Beijing have been linked in a simultaneous screening at the Palais Theatre and the National Film Museum in Beijing.

The roster of directors is an eclectic and international cross-section of the global community of filmmakers, writers and actors who have all contributed to this project including Arden Wohl, Abel Ferrara, Asia Argento, Brian Butler, Carlos Reygadas, Chan Marshall, Charles Burnett, Chris Milk, Chris Graham, David Lynch, Dee Poon, Floria Sigismondi, Florian Habicht, Gaspar Noe, Grant Morrison, Griffin Marcus, Harmony Korine, James Franco, Joe Coleman, Jonas Mekas, Jonathan Caouette, Kenneth Anger, Larry Clark, Leos Carax, Lola Schnabel, Lou Ye, Matt Pyke, Michele Civetta, Mike Figgis, Mote Sinabel, Niki Caro, Rajan Mehta, Rinko Kikuchi, Ryan Mcginley, Sean Lennon, Tadanobu Asano, Taika Waititi, Terence Koh, Yung Chang, Zachary Croitoroo, Zhang Yuan...

This project was conceptualized over a year ago allowing the directors to work unfettered and with full artistic license to create their own vision based on only one directive: to create a 42-second film on the topic of, “How do we dream?” Each director’s film will be featured on the content portal www.42x42.com for one year. The Cannes screening marks the global launch which will lead an international tour of this cinematic showcase beginning New Zealand before traveling to New York, London and Rome."

More information : www.42below.com