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Moyen métrage réalisé par Lucile Hadzihalilovic

Rôle de Gaspar Noé : Directeur de la photographie (avec Dominique Colin)

Synopsis : Apres la tentative de suicide de sa mère, la petite Mimi est hébergée par sa tante. Or, dès le premier soir, le sommeil de Mimi est troublé par l'arrivée de Jean-Pierre, le fiancé de sa tante.

Feature film directed by Lucile Hadzihalilovic

Gaspar Noé's involvement : Cinematographer (alongside with Dominique Colin)

Plot :  Modern-day France. One night, teenager Mimi helplessly watches her mother try to commit suicide. As she slowly recovers in hospital her aunt, Solange who is in her mid-sixties takes the little girl to her house. So as not to disturb things in the apartment, she puts her in a corner near the door behind curtains. But, from the first night on, her sleep is disturbed by the arrival of Solange's middle-aged boyfriend, Jean-Pierre who finds himself shamefully attracted to the tender little girl.

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