Announcer: INPES
Persons: Anne Ramon, Stephane Delaunay, Elodie Stanojecich
Agency: BETC Euro RSCG
Persons: Marielle Durandet, Stephanie Long Choquet
Director of creation: Stéphane Xiberras
Directors: Gaspar Noé as Roberto Keller, Franck Percher
Production: Entropie
Initial Release Date: 07/11/2004
Title Music: Thomas Bangalter / Outrun (Irréversible OST)



The Institute for Prevention and Health Education (INPES) in partnership with the French Ministry of Health has designed in 2004 a public awareness campaign based on the loyalty to the condom.

The three films are deliberately directed in three places: a bar, a nightclub and a party with friends. Shot in quasi-real situation for movies intended to a gay men and migrants public, these TV spots aim to re-alert people about the risks of transmission by highlighting the possible contamination of each. Beyond the highlighted risks, it is also pointed out the benefit in terms of comfort provided by the condom, and also  to convey a message about the insertion of HIV-positive people, showing the absence of impediment to the relations between serodiscordant individuals." (

LeTempsDé was contacted by David and Raphael who have both participated in the filming of the gay spot; Raphael embodies the character of Benoit.

Raphael says: “We acted together with David in the spot shot in a bar (Le Keller), ad shot in long-take for the prevention campaign. There are three: The first, heterosexual-oriented, the second, homosexual-oriented, and a third focused on Africa. Gaspar is the director and camera operator for the three [Actually, only the first two, the third being directed by a director from Martinique]. The ad in which we were (homosexual-oriented) required 90 shots! I am Benoit, main character. It's an ad ordered by the french Ministry of Health. We can say that Gaspar is a great guy! He is very funny and perfectionist. I talked to him because he directed me and filmed me. I was casted at a terrace in le Marais (gay distric in Paris) so David and I went to the casting. The homo-spot was shot June 21th (World Music Day) from 5:00 p.m. to 4:00 am. It was a great adventure, tiring, but Gaspar knows how to motivate people. The two spots I've seen are good, not too cliché (in a gay point of view), it was his first commercial and I think that the message is crystal clear. Noé is very endearing. He told me that 90 shots was a first experience for him and that the next week, he was filming the straight-spot and that he would certainly be taken at least 125!”

Thanks to David & Raphael

Translated from French by Nicolas Rapp