We won’t tell this enough, but we are and always have been a website made by and for Gaspar Noé’s fans, and our comments (and those of the persons interviewed) were never officially approved, neither by the filmmaker, nor by his producers.  Also, internet has changed during the last 15 years and it led us to being more watchful than ever on the news we’re sharing.


Yet, last february, we shared a synopsis of Psyché, first published by Tax Shelter. If the news quickly gone viral, it’s well and truly because we knew enough to believe it credible and authorised by the production. We had, since late january, the dates and places of the shooting as much as the working title. If our sources are anonymous and voluntarily contacted us without our request, we guarantee that they’ve never been involved, by any mean, in the production and that we never got in touch with any crew member or anyone from the casting before or during the shooting. Actually, apart from the producers, we could only speculate on the persons involved.


The reason we shared this synopsis is because we knew that Tax Shelter was involved in financing Love : we were almost certain that their informations were official and that their publication were formerly authorised by Gaspar Noé or Wild Bunch. Without that, we wouldn’t have published it, in the same way we didn’t unveil informations we already had, or other informations that have been leaked afterwards (the presence of voguing, and the name of the three main actors).


Vincent Maraval, reacting quickly, decided to put up a smokescreen (legitimately) and we ensured to update our articles and website consequently. The doubt was casted until its Cannes screening. However, during the last few days, we understood that the informations could have an impact on the production and might have hard to estimate consequences on the shooting conditions, even though it was at its end.


We would like to express, to Wild Bunch and especially Gaspar Noé, our apologies for disturbing the production. Moreover, we commit, as for now, to ensure that Gaspar Noé and/or his next producers (and not financers) approve the revelation of such news.


The LTDT team.