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Voilà plus de 15 ans que notre site s'intéresse à l'univers de Gaspar Noé, ses relations professionnelles, ses projets titanesques comme le fut Enter The Void sans jamais omettre la partie la plus méconnue de sa carrière : de ses films Super 8 mettant en scène son ami Juan Solanas à ses clips, de ses photos à ses publicités, nous nous sommes toujours efforcés de garder une trace de son univers, sans hiérarchie. 

Pourtant, la ressortie d'Irréversible, duquel le nom de notre site rend hommage, nous a rappelé d'où tout a démarré, et qu'il fallait accorder de l'attention supplémentaire

Which opportunity made you meet Gaspar Noe and when was it ?


I was over at Vincent Cassel's house in Paris, hanging out with him and Christophe Gans and talking about a project, when suddenly Gaspar came by. We chatted about a bunch of things, mostly about that recent scandal with the film censor and how we, who were supposed to be the indecent ones, were actually much more socially responsible human beings than those who were constantly passing moral judgment against us.  It was a fun afternoon.



What kind of look do you have on his work and what do you think of his ultra realistic treatment of violence ?


Gaspar, like me, is a big softy.  He has a gentle vision.  I find his movies to be perfect family entertainment. Often my children and I watch double features of his films and mine together. Then we'll go out for ice cream.


Which could be the link between his movies and yours as well as the common topics ?


You would be better equipped to answer that question than I.  I think we're both close to our emotions. That we're passionate and moral human beings. That we have similar social concerns. That we are both observers of the human condition. As far as our work, I couldn't possibly tell you what links they share.

How do you define Gaspar Noe as a man ?


He is shorter than I, but our eye sockets are both dark. His head is shaved bald and I have a mane of hair. I think I might be able to beat him arm wrestling, but I wager he could kill me in a real fight.  He has a beautiful smile. He is very soft spoken, but his words carry great weight. He laughs a lot, as if he's in on "the joke" (which he is). I bet he masturbates a lot.  I know I do.


Once, in your "Journal" you said how you mentionned the Allegre affair (the French serial killer who killed some prostitutes) with Gaspar Noe and Christophe Gans. Wouldn't it be an excellent topic for a movie of yours or Noe's and did one of you think about doing it ?


I cannot comment on future projects.



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