On 4 July 2018, AVoir-ALire, specialized in the criticism of cultural works (from literature to cinema), announced that it had been ordered to pay a € 10,000 fine for using, in a purely illustrative framework, photographs they thought they were made for promoting Breathless.

Faced with such a penalty, the site has no choice but
to appeal to the generosity of Internet users or they might end up closing.

In such a situation, where other blogs and sites are threatened with such sanctions, we made the decision to close the site momentarily. The information, the freedom to debate or discuss artistic works (on top of that, those which have marked and upset the history of world cinema) must continue, even more when it comes to volunteers wishing to defend the works that have them marked.

We will however remain active on our Facebook page or Twitter and, in case of request for information, you can contact us at contact.ltdt@gmail.com (n.b. however that we are not an official representative of Gaspar Noé and we do not, and will not, inform any means of contact).

Our news page is open.

Thanks to Rees for the translation.