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John B. Root is a porn film director and producer.

What is your outlook on Gaspar Noé's work ?

He directs his worst nightmares. It probably does him good. But the audience suffers. :) 


How did you lead up to participate to X-shorts directed in the fights against Aids?

I voluntarily helped in the casting and my regular co-workers (prod director, make-up artist, etc...) worked on the movies.

How was your work with Gaspar Noé on Sodomites and what was your job? 

On Sodomites, I've merely done nothing. I put Gaspar in touch with Coralie and the other actors, that's it.

Do you know why some shot of Sodomites have been censored whereas it's a pornographic shortfilm? Has Gaspar Noé  gone too far than he was asked to ?

I don't know. There have been several editing of the movie. I think that there are several versions in circulation.

Are you still in touch with Gaspar Noé today and what do you remember from this collaboration?

Yup. We get on well. I gave him the casting for his orgy-videoclip he just made for Placebo. It's an hardcore videoclip currently being edited. I didn't see any images yet, but the actors and actresses I sent him had fun! 

A huge thanks to John B. Root

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