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11 Sep 2019

Jeudi 17 Octobre 2019 - 19h30


69006 LYON

Les films sont en français sous-titrés en anglais
Irréversible (1h39)
Suivi de : Lux Æterna (50 min)
Suivi de : Irréversible - Inversion intégrale (1h26)
Même si le site de vente annonce COMPLET, des...

11 Aug 2019

Turkish movie theater Beyoğlu Sineması announced on Twitter that they will screen Lux Æterna without giving any date apart from "Coming soon". It'll be distributed in Turkey by Baska Sinema and was acquired by Bir Film (which previously distribu...

21 Jul 2019

Having been post-poned a few times until a few weeks ago when it was unclear wether it was just cancelled or post-poned for unknown reason, Cédric Succivalli, president of ICSFilm, announced on Twitter a few of the 76th Venize Film Festival selected...

8 May 2019

Gaspar Noé (link) and SebastiAN (link) just announced a new collaboration (after LOVE IN MOTION music video) called THIRST for tomorrow (09/05/2019). Stay connected on LTDT (and here) for more. Teaser:

13 Nov 2018

Nous l'avons annoncé sur les réseaux sociaux : en partenariat avec L'Embobiné, une association cinéphile de Mâcon (71) qui prône la diffusion de films art-et-essai, nous présenterons Climax le jeudi 29 novembre à 18h30 et répondrons aux questions du...

3 Nov 2018

While the movie was selected at Maskoon Film Festival, dedicated to horror and fantastic films, her executive director Myriam Sassine announced in the opening speech that the Government had banned two films from the selection : Climax, and a Lebanese...

6 Jun 2018

Climax has been selected in Sitges Film Festival, that will take place in Sitges (Spain) between 5-14th October, 2018. 

It's not the first time that Gaspar Noé is selected in the festival, since he screened Love in 2015, Enter the Void in 2009, Irreve...

17 May 2018

Gaspar Noé's Climax just won the ART CINEMA AWARD (The Directors' Fortnight)

In most countries, the film market is dominated by super-productions that tend to format audience’s tastes. The vast majority of innovative films, first works and films from...

13 May 2018

By Laurent Lufroy


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