LUX ÆTERNA's first still + cast unveiled

Cannes Film Festival unveiled the first official details on Lux Æterna

Plot :

A vibrant essay on respect for beliefs, the actor’s craft and the art of filmmaking.


Béatrice Dalle - Charlotte Gainsbourg - Clara 3000 - Mica Argañaraz - Yannick Bono - Loup Brankovic - Stefania Cristian - Claude-Emmanuelle Gajan-Maull - Karl Glusman - Paul Hameline - Luka Isaac - Tom Kan - Abbey Lee - Félix Maritaud - Lola Pillu Perier - Maxime Ruiz


Gaspar Noé (director) - Claire Corbetta-Doll (assistant director) - Benoît Debie (cinematographer) - Ken Yasumoto (sound) - Jérôme Pesnel (editing) - Samantha Benne (production design)


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