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30 advices on how to make movie, by Gaspar Noé

6 novembre 2015 just made a list of advices by Gaspar Noé :

1. Trust yourself. Follow your instincts.

2. Unless the bank is closing your account, remember what Buñuel said: “Never do for money what you wouldn’t do for free… Work is for slaves.”

3. In order to get the movie started, pretend to everyone you meet that the film is going to be a commercial success, and that it will for sure be selected for official competition at Cannes.

4. The good producers are the ones who have produced good movies. Never trust the ones who simply made commercial successes.

5. Your movies are like babies who need love. You have to carry them and take care of them for at least one year after their birth. Being a director is like being a dad.

6. It takes a long time to find the ideal production partners and team. Once you’ve found them, it’s evident.

7. Don’t work with friends. But work with the most skilled, friendly people you can dream of.

8. Be friendly to absolutely everyone who hasn’t been unfriendly to you.

9. Fire immediately anybody in the crew who behaves disrespectfully to your work.

10. Show your crew that you work hard for the love of art.

11. As for the rest of the world, humans can be tricky. Don’t pay attention to any jealousies. Focus on your work, and on your heroes’ examples.

12. Lacking any affection or being madly in love can make you unstable and unfocused. While making the movie, try to be in as safe a relationship as possible.

13. Life is exciting—sometimes sweet, sometimes violent—but always sexual and unrated. So don’t pay attention to the rating of your film during production if you want to make a film that looks like real life.

14. People who are charismatic in life are usually also charismatic on screen. Don’t hesitate to ask people you meet at a party or on the streets to be in your film.

15. Always let the actors or non-actors improvise. But shoot as many different versions as needed to have the scene safely covered.


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