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A new Gaspar Noé film thanks to Marjane Satrapi ?

Sur un drapeau pailleté de la France, un carton : "présentent un film français et fier de l'être"
Climax : "presents a french film and proud to be"

Context for english speaking readers:

After European Parliament elections, and because of the Far Right results in France, president Macron announced the dissolution of the National Assembly (in which deputees vote for the laws). It resulted in Snap Elections to elect new deputees. After the first round, it appears that the National Rally (Far Right group), unless French people decide to vote against them, could have an absolute majority... It'd lead to a Coalition Government, meaning that the Far Right group could chose their own Ministers and Government.

After the first round of French legislative elections, filmmaker Marjane Satrapi invited other film directors:

Calling all filmmakers "of foreign origins". Let's make a collective film, which could be called "La France aux Étrangers" or "Nous sommes chez nous". It's time we spoke out. All of us. United.

Télérama interviewed her to learn more about such a project. She says:

Any film project takes a long time to set up. It's not like a spontaneous call for demonstrations in République*. Nevertheless, I can tell you that Yael Naïm and Keren Ann got in touch to assure me that they would be available to participate in the music for the films. Gaspar Noé, too, is on board but warned me: "If I have a great idea, I'll come, because the cause is good, but I'm not going to make a shitty film for the sake of making a film." And I understand. A militant film can very quickly become a tract.

*Place de la République is a square in Paris, easily accessible from anywhere in the city. Thus, it's a place where a lot of protests take place.

We'll see if Gaspar Noé ends up being well and truly involved in such a project or not.

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