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Can you scare Gaspar Noé?

24 octobre 2015

Halloween is coming, dear readers. It's time to prepare your costume, a scary decoration, or whatever you'd like to do. So, what costume are you going to wear for the occasion?

Well, forget it, and go on Instagram to publish your scary short film : Crypt TV, a network created by Eli Roth and Jack Davis are organizing a contest in which you're supposed to make the scariest short (in 15 seconds). It'll be judged by Eli Roth, Quentin Tarantino, Deadmau5, Jordan Peele, Vanessa Hudgens, Gaspar Noé and Jason Blum and it will allow you to win $10,000.

To participate, publish your short on Instagram with "#15SecondScare" and tag @CRYPTTV. Results will be announced on Halloween day.

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