Climax banned in Lebanon

3 novembre 2018

While the movie was selected at Maskoon Film Festival, dedicated to horror and fantastic films, her executive director Myriam Sassine announced in the opening speech that the Government had banned two films from the selection : Climax, and a Lebanese short-film Nocturnal Deconstruction, directed by Laura El Alam.

In an interview with L'Orient Le Jour, she says : « When I asked the censorhip to give me the reasons these films were banned, I've not been answered. It's by reading the press, which have been answered, that I've learnt why these movies where censored.»

Climax was banned for being "indecent" and the danish films The Guilty by Gustav Möller will be screened instead of Gaspar Noé's movie.

Sources :

(FR) L'Orient Le Jour

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Thanks to Maskoon Film Festival