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Gaspar Noé is shooting

2 mars 2019

EDIT (March 5) : Contrary to what has been told previously, it's not for an YSL commercial even if we can confirm Gaspar is well and truly shooting.

French actress Béatrice Dalle published today (March 2) a backstage picture of Gaspar Noé with the caption "A night on the shooting with Gaspar and friends".

She tagged herself and the following people :

Charlotte Gainsbourg, Félix Maritaud (Knife + Heart and 120 BPM), Luka Isaac (that Gaspar Noé shot for his Desire exhibition), Paul Hameline and Karl Glusman (Love, who told us in our interview he wished he could work again with Gaspar), Philippe Mensah, Flavien Heldt, Constance Haond and Anthony Vaccarello (YSL)

Hair Stylists : Philippe Mensah and Flavien Heldt (Capsule Agence)

Make Up : Constance Haond

EDIT (02 March, 22h57, Paris time) : Béatrice Dalle deleted the post

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