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Gaspar Noé's projects (Cuba, erotic movie, Golden Suicides...)

4 juin 2011

In an Hungarian interview for, Gaspar Noé talks a little about his projects :

- Cuba : "I recently shot a short film in Cuba, I thought that that would excite me, but unexpected difficulties arose. I've got used to the way the Japanese work, they are really workaholics, six days a week, fourteen hours a day working on the set. Perfectionists, as I am. So wherever I shoot after that time, I miss it."

- His sentimental & erotic movie : "I'll be willing to talk about it when I start to shoot. Moreover, they offered me a horror film, but I won't I start a new movie, as long as it does not feel that I would really enjoy the work. [...] Now I wait to team up for the sentimental and erotic film financing, because if so, I want to do it sooner because it would be a lighter, faster work."

- The Golden Suicides (from the story of Theresa Duncan and Jeremy Blake's suicide) : "It's a very exciting project, but it would be Hollywood film, and if I undertook it, I would have to spend a lot of time in the U.S. [...] Only then [his sentimental & erotic movie will be shot, NOTW] would I undertake the other project, which would completely reorganise my life. I do not like to spend so much time in other countries, as I am always homesick. This certainly comes from the fact that my parents always moved when I was a kid. I loved filming in Japan, but one of my most dramatic moment was when I had to leave France for three months, I felt I should cut off both my arms. If there's only a day to go before I travel, I can't sleep the night before."

- Nicolas Winding Refn thanks : "I think he meant this only as a private joke, as we did not work together. But he did really call once when Drive was shot, and asked how I solved the head smashing scene in Irreversible, because his film had a similar scene. One day at Cannes we were having a drink together, so maybe this is why it jumped into his mind, and that it would be funny if he mentioned this. Moreover, it is possible that Drive was designed to exceed the violence in Irreversible. Perhaps the scene with the head-kicking could not do that on its own, but there are a lot of bloody scenes in the film, I loved it! At the end it is totally sadistic, one of the murder comes after another. My favorite is the scene with the arm cutting."

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