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Gaspar Noé's Ritual (7 Days in Havana) [pictures & video]

13 décembre 2011

A nice website about the project 7 days in Havana is online :

7 days in Havana is a contemporary snapshot of this iconic and eclectic city, seen through a feature-length movie made up of 7 chapters directed by 7 international filmmakers.

Day 5 of 7 days in Havana : Ritual Directed by Gaspar Noé Yamilslaidi, an attractive African-Cuban schoolgirl is forced by her parents to go into a cleaning ritual. They are determined to get their daughter rid of the "curse" she has been put on: loving girls.

With :

Othello Rensoli Cristela Herrera Dunia Matos

Thanks to Alexandre D.


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