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Gaspar Noé talks about "7 Days in La Havana" in Clark Mag #50

12 octobre 2011

The full announcement from :

"Available now on our website, CLARK MAGAZINE keeps on looking for new underground cultures and is asking to the French young urban legend HORFÉE to produce its exclusive front cover: “Doing this cover for Clark magazine allows me to reach people who are not familiar with my work… It also allows me to realise that I had to go all the way and take on staying at home and not work on walls. The idea was to get a less direct effect but nonetheless as effective and inspired by street painting.” For the 50th issue, we offer you to discover the young romantic skater KEVIN SPANKY, the revolutionary artist and blogger SERGEI SVIATCHENKO, the new construction works of MR ANDRÉ, the libertarian tracks of RÉMY KOLPA KOPOUL. Also throughout those 148 pages, the young artists THÉO MERCIER, JULIEN MEERT, THOMAS ROUSSET, go alongside with the BUNKERS D’HONET also looking for lost cement, while the French director GASPAR NOÉ takes us to the Havana where he is shooting his next short-movie. Without forgetting the portfolios of photographers ASGER CARLSEN, ESTELLE HANANIA and a special cover of the history of culture LOW BROW. On the music side, ZOLA JESUS, the Parisians THE HOP, the revelation BON VOYAGE, THE CARETAKER, or even the erotic nightmare of CHRIS TAYLOR “CANT” (GRIZZLIE BEAR). And finally there is also a Fashion shooting that took place AUX HALLES in Paris before its destruction. And as usual fashion, goodies, books, exhibitions…"


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