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Le Temps Détruit Tout turns 20

In 2002, while Frédéric was still a student, he heard a lot about this film starring Monica Bellucci, Vincent Cassel and Albert Dupontel: Irreversible. A casting that, he admits, does not reassure him too much - he's worried that the film is mostly focused on its cast... Though, his idol, Kubrick, had made his last film with Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman. It is precisely when someone told him that the film includes references to the director of Eyes Wide Shut, in addition to his breathtaking camera movements, that he decided to go there with Stephanie. Mind-blown. They ask for more... and realize that this Gaspar Noé is the one who had directed another shocking film they had discovered a few years earlier, I Stand Alone. They then decided to create a website about him, just like Archivio Kubrick, and to find out who Gaspar Noé is, what is his filmography, what are his projects... After months of research, the website was officially launched on May 1st 2003.

Twenty years later, although Steph & Fred have passed the torch to Alex (that's me!), the site is still regularly in touch with his distributors and his crews, aiming to share about his cinema, being interested in his forgotten or lost films... All this, without ever having any advertising or income, and in total independence.

Today, to celebrate the longevity of LTDT, we are proud to present the original trailer of Irreversible that we scanned in 5K* from a 35mm reel from our archives. Of course, neither StudioCanal nor Gaspar Noé are behind this scan and it should not be taken as a sign of an imminent 4K Blu-ray announcement which is unlikely to happen one day.

*The original scan is in 5K but we cropped it to 4K to fit the actual film

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