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Only 12 260 tickets for Gaspar Noé's LOVE 3D on its 1st week

22 juillet 2015

© Manuel Lagos Cid for Paris Match

According Écran Total, Gaspar Noé's LOVE 3D (released on 15th July) is just over 12 000 tickets on its 1st week in France (12 260 exactly). A score below Enter the Void (15 710 entries on 30 screens). Only - around - 30 movie theaters (on more than 5000 in France) screened the "sexual melodrama" of Gaspar Noé. Several theaters never even shown the movie poster outside the entrance (!). A lot considered the -16 rating wasn't bankable. And some, interested, weren't 3D ready... Enter the Void Next: Gaspar Noé's LOVE on Blu-ray!

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