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Oscars 2011 : Gaspar Noé wins 12 Awards for Enter the Void !

28 février 2011

This post was intended published as a joke.

Last night, though surrounded by films such as The Social Network, The King's Speech, True Grit, Black Swan, 127 Hours, Inception and Toy Story 3, Gaspar Noé received 12 Academy Awards for Enter the Void (1.25% profitable, according to Wild Bunch). One more than Ben Hur, Titanic and The Return of the King... Ignored by French awards (Césars, Gérards... and considered as the "worst movie" by the Brutus), his last movie has been honored by Oscars in an incredible way. Here is the full Awards list :

Best Motion Picture Best Director for Gaspar Noé Best Leading Actor for Nathaniel Brown

Best Leading Actress for Paz de la Huerta Best Supporting Actor for Cyril Roy Best Set Decoration Best Cinematography (Benoit Debie) Best Credits* Best Special Effects for BUF/Pierre Buffin Best Film Editing Best Sound design (Thomas Bangalter) Best Abortion Scene

*decerned by Quentin Tarantino & Kanye West themselves

Now, Gaspar joins great films directors awarded by the Academy, like Stanley Kubrick & Alfred Hitchcock. The night has ended with an incredible show of Daft Punk and a dinner with Rihanna.

Congratulations, Gaspar !

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