Trailer (The End) - 1'17 min.



The End is a movie directed by Guillaume Nicloux, starring Gérard Depardieu.

Its teaser has been edited by Gaspar Noé.

Production : Les films du Worso, LGM Productions, TF1 Vidéo and Cinéfeel Prod

Distributed by Gaumont


We learnt from the Twitter accounts of Jean-François Gaye (@jfdarkstar, Press Relations and Graphic design agency) and eCinema Actus (@eCinemaActus) that Gaspar Noé should edit the teaser of the next Guillaume Nicloux ("Valley of Love") movie, THE END. Starring Gérard Depardieu as the main character, the movie will be released on demand on the 8th, April. 


As a reminder, Guillaume Nicloux made a brief appearance in I Stand Alone while Gaspar Noé expressed his fascination for Gérard Depardieu's acting in Welcome to New-York, directed by "Bisset is outstanding. Ferrara as his best. Depardieu is perfect". 


The teaser itself was published online on March, 14th.