Search "GUADALAJARA –Apichatpong Weerasethakul, Carlos Reygadas, Vincent Gallo, Gaspar Noe and Dorris Dorrie feature among 31 directors from four continents signed up for “Short Plays,” a soccer-themed omnibus production shot around the world and created by Mexican director Daniel Gruener (“All of Them Witches”).

Helmers also include Colombia’s Carlos Moreno, Mexico’s Fernando Eimbcke, Ecuador’s Sebastian Cordero, Brit Duane Hopkins, South Korea’s Yang Ik-june, Pablo Fendrik from Argentina, Uruguay’s Pablo Stoll, Chile’s Matias Cruz, Moroccan Faouzi Bensaidi, Italy’s Luca Lucini and Portugal’s Pedro Amorim.
“Short Plays” helmers have been set a few simple rules of engagement: Films should be three-to-five minutes long and largely dialogue free, offer an analogy to some aspect of soccer, but feature ordinary people from the director’s own country."



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During a conversation between Matthew Barney & Gaspar Noé for BOMB, the last told to Barney his feelings about Alfonso Cuarón's masterpiece, Gravity:"The first two takes are twenty minutes each, but you’ve never seen such a visual roller coaster inside a movie theater. Those two opening takes are incredible, also because the background is all black and you really have a sense that you’re in space. The camera is spinning around the astronauts, and it’s all computer-generated imagery. The result is incredibly mind-fucking. Everything is fake but it looks so real. I’m sure you’d be amazed by that movie."



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Ed-Lachman-and-Gaspar-Noe-Paris-2013-photo-by-Benjamin-B-.jpgAccording to, Gaspar Noé "will finally shoot his own pornographic film in the spring of 2014, and that unlike von Trier’s movie, there will be no prosthetics or body doubles."

In the same article, Gaspar is quoted, saying Lars von Trier’s Nymphomaniac "seems like it will be more disturbing than sexy".

Recently, he was looking for young girls & boys in the streets of Paris in order to find the casting for his next erotic movie.

This future shooting will give birth to the 4th movie of Gaspar Noé after 1998's Seul contre tous (I Stand Alone), 2002's Irréversible and 2010's Enter the Void.

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3_Noes_3777.jpgLuis Felipe "Yuyo" Noé and his two children, Paula (who is painter) and Gaspar joined in Argentina to honor Nora, Yuyo companion and mother of two, who died last year.

Each of them worked on a special piece (paintings for Paula and Luis Felipe ; photo for Gaspar) and Gaspar wrote a text ("A la velocidad del viento") for the catalog of the argentinian exhibition (Galería Rubbers Av. Alvear 1595 C.A.B.A.) Sources : here, here and here.




Gaspar-Noe---PINTANDO_-Fotografia.jpgGaspar Noé - "Pintando", fotografía


Paula-Noe-Murphy---Esquema-cediendo-a-la-transformacion--42.jpgPaula Noé Murphy - "Esquema cediendo a la transformación", 2013


LuisFElipe-Noe---que_hago_yo_aqui__2013.jpgLuis Felipe Noé


A la velocidad del viento

Por Gaspar Noé *

Nora. Yuyo. Dos infancias. Dos adolescencias. Una facultad. Un encuentro. Un sueño de vida. Un mundo en marcha. Un gran amor. Doble. Pasión. Derecho. Proyectos. Arte. Trabajo social. Una hija. Paula. Viajes. Exposiciones. Otro hijo. Gaspar. Cuatro miembros. Una familia.

Nueva York. Años de amor y euforia. Buenos Aires. Años de arte y política. Golpe de Estado. Meses de miedo. París. Años de exilio. Amigos. Museos. Cines. Escuelas. Facultades. Idas y vueltas. Nora trabaja. Yuyo pinta. Paula dibuja. Gaspar filma. Buenos Aires. Nora regresa. Luego Yuyo.

Una familia. Unida. Sobre dos continentes.

Años de construcción. Creación. O procreación. Encuentros. Glorias. Penas. Vida. La vida es intangible. Y la memoria de Nora falla. El pasado se borra. El presente se complica. Días de amor y malestar. Meses de dolor. Intenso.

Nora muere. En mis brazos. Mientras la beso. Mientras le digo gracias. Por Yuyo. Por Paula. Por mí. Por todo.

Queda un vacío. Enorme y desconocido para los restantes.

En su honor y por su amor, los hoy aún vivos, Yuyo y sus dos obras creadas en conjunto con Nora, exponemos juntos.

* Texto del catálogo.


English translation :

To the Wind Speed

By Gaspar Noé *

Nora. Yuyo. Two childhoods. Two teens. A faculty. An encounter. A dream of life. A world in motion. A great love. Double. Passion. Right. Projects. Arts. Social work. A daughter. Paula. Travel. Exhibitions. Another son. Gaspar. Four members. A family.

New York. Years of love and euphoria. Buenos Aires. Years of art and politics. Coup. Months of fear. Paris. Years of exile. Friends. Museums. Cinemas. Schools. Faculties. Twists and turns. Nora works. Yuyo pint. Paula draws. Gaspar films. Buenos Aires. Nora returns. Then Yuyo.

A family. Unida. About two continents.

Years of construction. Creation. Or procreation. Meetings. Glorias. Punishment. Life. Life is intangible. And the memory of Nora fails. The past is erased. This is complicated. Days of Love and discomfort. Months of pain. Intense.

Nora dies. In my arms. While kissed. As I say thank you. For Yuyo. For Paula. For me. For everything.

It is a vacuum. Huge and unknown to the others.

In her honor and her love, still alive, Yuyo and two works created in conjunction with Nora, today we present together.

* Text from the catalog.

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Gaspar Noé visiting Photocinerent (in Paris) for his next film: Ritual (7 Days in Havana)






Thanks to Florian C.

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La Nuit de Gaspar Noé (Gaspar Noé's Night) in LUI #1

"Preparing his next film, an erotic melodrama, Gaspar Noé travels to Paris looking for cinegenic young boys and young girls."

Thanks to Florian C. for the scans



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Sky Tonia Ferreira (born July 8, 1992) is an American singer-songwriter, model, and actress.






("instasafe crop" - source)

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Click here to watch the video

(thanks to Florian C.)

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