organiser of L'Étrange Festival

We have been lucky to contact Gilles Boulenger, one of the two organisers (with Frédéric Temps) of L'Étrange Festival. He kindly answered our questions about the Carte Blanche given to Gaspar Noé.

Why did you contact Gaspar Noé this year ?

Because we followed his work since the beggining of his career and we screened his whole filmography in the Étrange Festival (except for Irréversible, released in theaters way before the event).


Did Gaspar agree to your offer straightaway?

Yes. Because Gaspar is an aficionado of the festival, he likes the work we do, and it was for him the dreamt occasion to talk about his influences, movies thaht affected him, by showing them and not only talk about them.

Did Gaspar Noé, although he participated to "L'Étrange Festival" by the past, already go as an audience member?

Yes. For some screenings. But like every guests of the festival, famous or not, he attends the screenings of his choice totally anonymous.



Will Gaspar Noé stay during the screenings ?

He'll be at his screenings according to his availability.

Many thanks to Gilles Boulenger and to the Étrange Festival