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7 Days in Havana : exclusive pictures, synopsis & notes

13 mai 2011

Exclusive LTDT : the synopsis and the first informations (taken from Cannes pressbook) about the 7 Days in Havana's short movie by Gaspar Noé

Friday - Untitled - by Gaspar Noé

Yamilslaidi, an attractive Afro-Cuban schoolgirl, is parting with some friends on a beach in Havana. The music'c pounding. The atmosphere's hot. Another girl gets close and dances with her. They begin to kiss...

In the morning, they wake up naked under the outraged gaze of Yasimilslaidi's parents. Determinated to rid their daughter of the curse that has been placed on her, the parents drag her to an Afro Cuban priest and ask for cleaning ceremony.

Gaspar Noé about 7 Days in Havana :

"This film portrays the purification ritual of a young woman in the midst of a forest. We will shoot this last part in a wood in the heart of Havana, with trees blanketed with long leaves and creepers twisting here and there, so entangled in their branches that they seem to belong to another world.

The film starts with a commonplace yet amusing premise, then moves on to the the description of a ritual that will ressemble a dream or something from a parallel world. We will shoot as much as possible in long takes that will grow in complexity, and as regards the image, we will overexploit the vibrant colors of the sets and the costumes found in Cuba.

I am very happy finally to be shooting a film in Spanish, my native tongue, but with black and mixed-race characters, and in Cuba, a country of which my parents have always dreamed and that, indirectly, has afected the course of my life"

Thanks to our secret source in Cannes

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