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7 Days in Havana : new details unveiled

12 mars 2011

While Benicio Del Toro has started to shoot his first short movie in the streets of Havana, titled El Yuma (Monday/Lunes short), a "fictionalized documentary with 18 years-old Josh Hutcherson playing Yuma, an American actor traveling to Havana for the first time and discovering the culture", the 7 Days in Havana (Siete días en La Habana) Press Conference told us than each segments will last 15 minutes, will be shot in famous places like the Hotel Nacional or Malecón and will be titled like a day. Thus, the next short will be called Martes (Tuesday) and will start to shoot today, under the direction of Pablo Trapero and with Emir Kusturica, Alexander Abreu and the Cuban actors Jorge Perugorria, Mirta Ibarra, Ana de Armas et Vladimir Cruz.

The rest of the casting : Daniel Brühl will be in Julio Medem's short ; Mirtha Ibarra and Jorge Perugorria will be in Juan Carlos Tabio's segment... For the moment, no details have been unveiled concerning Gaspar Noe's exorcism.


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