Irreversible Blu-Ray test

3 septembre 2017

As we already told it in our last news, Eagle Pictures released a Blu-Ray of Irreversible in Italy.


Format : 2.35:1 / 24fps/ 1080p Language : Italian 5.1 DTS HD Master Audio / French 5.1 DTS HD Master Audio Subtitles : Italian

Extras : No extra features.

Region : B

This test will mostly be a comparison between the Italian Blu-ray and the French DVD released in 2002. Before reading further, please note that this post is neither sponsored in anyway by Eagle Pictures nor StudioCanal.

• Credits

Since it's probably the easiest thing to remaster, every texts and credits look neat compared to the rather "blury" texts from the DVD.

Actually, and we can easily understand why, they didn't "remaster" the credits from the original film but remade them entirely. We can notice a slight change in its layout (letters seem taller) but we can especially notice that some texts has changed :

• In 2002, Doerig and Lotz were credited for designing "Robe d'Alex" (Alex's dress) (in the middle). In 2017, Doerig and Lotz are credited for designing "Robe Monica" (Monica dress)... We can't tell if it's a mistake or not... But a sure thing is that Monica Bellucci is now the only one whose both name and first name are mentioned in the credits.