sound mixer

Ryotaro Harada was sound mixer on Enter the Void.

Ryotaro Harada, you've worked in the Sound Department of Enter the Void. What was exactly your role during the shooting?


I worked as a sound mixer (recordist) at shooting.



What equipment do you use?


HD disk recorder: Aaton Cantar X
DAT recorder: Fostex PD4
mixer: cooper sound 108
shotgun microphone: Schoeps CMIT5U, Sennheiser MKH416
HF wireless microphone: Ramsa RJ800



At the time of the shooting, did you already see Gaspar's others movies?

Yes, only "Irréversible"



What were the main demands and difficulties about Enter the Void's sound ? In other words : what did Gaspar want? 


Not difficult but we had to wait long time till he decide to roll. And he wanted some Japanese sounds for post effects. "Crows", "cicadas", "electrical noise" etc. I've recorded those materials he requested. It was hard to manage in that shooting term. He said he wanted to make ETV soundtrack like "Eraser head" on our first meeting. Psyche trippy sound, I understood what he want.



Were you aware of working on a huge project particularly awaited by movie fans ?


Yes. We saw they spent huge money in Tokyo. And his last movie [Irréversible, editor's note] is famous here.



Your best souvenir during the shooting?


Me, Paz, Nathan and Gaspar only 4 rode the jet coaster for that shot.



What do you think of Gaspar as a director, then, as a man?


His creative energy is so high. A very unique movie director. He was a very friendly person for me.



On wich other movies did you work and what were the main differences between those and Gaspar's movie?


His idea is totally different from others. I think his audience feel something Gaspar through out watching his movie. That is what he wants!



What are your favourite movies, apart from those on which you worked?

" DOGORA" [Patrice Leconte] and "Our Daily Bread" [Nikolaus Geyrhalter].



What are your current projects?


I have been working for PNG documentary.